Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update, or Not

No Dr.'s appointment until June 14 so no new updates. Aaron tried to listen to my uterus Sunday. I bet you can't hear an infant heartbeat at any point without technology but it was fun trying. We've started thinking about songs to familiarize the baby with when he/she can hear. Aaron asked me Saturday night if I was pushing my stomach out while I was brushing my teeth with my shirt off. I wasn't, and we both started cracking up but it was nice that he noticed cause I've felt my body taking a definite new shape. Instead of the usual little soft spot'o'chub under my belly button, on a moderately flat abdomen, my whole abdomen has become very circular. My uterus is still pretty low but I can feel and see a big difference in the way my belly looks. I have heard too that the weight gained in the first trimester can be the majority of the weight you gain. I don't think that's the case for me cause I think I've only gained 5lbs. I just want my thighs to stop getting bigger. I had plans of getting in shape before I knew I was pregnant so the big exercise regimens are on hold, and as I go further I dread the work it's gonna take to recover physically. If there are permanent changes, I'm not scared of that. I just want to take care of what I do have control over. I spent some time yesterday looking at fitness magazines about eating healthy and working out. I wrote down a few preggy-friendly recipes. I'm excited to get it together! Though I ate Mc Donalds for the second time this month. Ick. It absolutely made me happy then grumpy.

Sheena Heeslip and her family stopped by to see us Monday night. Aaron is beyond smitten with their baby. I've never seen him with a little girl, it's adorable. She's 3 months and she giggles in these heart-moving bursts. Sheena kept saying "I can't believe you guys are gonna have one". ME either. In under 6 months hopefully! If the little bugger is on time or early.

So weird! What kinds of goals do other people set in 6 months time? I always think of a year when I set new goals because I can't imagine big changes in shorter amounts of time, though they always happen. .... NO big deal, I am just hoping to have squeezed out a little human by December.

Our friends "The Valentines" have the same wedding anniversary as us, a year previous. We didn't realize we stole it when we set the date, but since then, I decided anyone that did set the date on our date, I would be excited to share the anniversary with them. (Especially if I liked them a lot.) Anyway, they also had their first child the last week of November the following year. This isn't motivation to have the baby sooner, but I myself would prefer a November birthday to a December one, so I'm hoping thats when it comes. I think we'll be done copying them after that. We don't have family in GA to move closer to.

Salon Business is slow. Steady I guess but slow. Each week I make the appointments as the days crawl by so God is providing but giving me plenty of time to just sit back and dream about what it'll be like to hold a baby in all this free time in a few months. Hooray baby! Haha.

I have been thinking a lot about the ways I'm going to be busier with a child but relationships with other women mean so much to me, I can't imagine being happy without good girl time. I'm excited that in some really cool ways, as much as my life will be entirely different with a child, it will still be the exact same. Just a new responsibility of providing for a little one. Other than that, still seeking Christ and growing with my friends and family. I love that as we go further into life, as much as the adventures are unknown ahead of time, our purpose stays the same. I hope I can really rest in that. And remember it when I get overwhelmed. .... I'm not afraid of sleepless nights. I can go longer than anyone I know without sleep. Haha. I'm the loser kid at every sleepover that would out-talk everyone else while they dozed off. I'd go to sleep because there was nothing else to do. Or when I have craft projects I'm excited about, I don't know how to put them down until they are finished. I decided that the thing that may help me most in preparation is if I could learn to pack snacks for myself throughout the day while I'm pregnant, I will be better at parenting. I think it will transfer into many different types of planning and being organized once I'm toting a young'un around. I just need to remember to eat, cause when that baby comes, I hear there won't be any forgetting to feed them.


  1. At least now when you're awake all night, I won't be able to get angry at you.

    oh, and by the way, I've got skype at this new place.


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