Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Small Group!

Buchanan home group started back last night. We have a few new people who came, I'm pretty excited about it. I think there's only 4 returning that are still in town. We've missed having people over and it's really been a blessing to get to know the people in our group. From the start our group wasn't at all our ideal, and of course we knew the benefits of diversity but Aaron and I would both admit we had moments of wishing we had more in common with everyone, whether it be marriage, hobbies, or lifestyles. Also, it seemed like in 3 months, the same combination of people never showed up at the same time. As we've gotten to know these people though, I'm confident that the immediate differences between us have pushed us to know each other in a really great way. As much as our relationships are very much still starting, I'd like to believe that we've skipped over some superficial stuff and jumped right into eachother's lives. Last night I was joking about how unorganized our times together had been, commenting on how we might change it up this time around and one of the guys said almost shocked "I thought we'd had great conversations" ... I was trying to take some blame for some disorganization but it was really good to hear that affirmation. I think people are really enjoying meeting here. There's three girls in our group for the summer, and maybe a fourth coming if it works out, so I am excited to pursue more women and experience discipleship.

I was going to take some pictures just for fun but ended up not thinking about it, also I would have felt really awkward, cause it felt really new. Everyone brought taco supplies and we had some AWESOME tacos. Mexican cuisine is an absolute pregnant favorite, so I was very happy with the many ingredients we had last night. Almost everyone came by 6:30pm and everyone was gone by about 9:40pm. It was so nice. I'm really looking foward to getting to know these people more.

Here's Aaron after making himself a late-night banana milkshake, (I got him hooked), and I myself, am very happy with a stomach full of tacos, watermelon, and an all fruit popsicle!

 And this is Aaron addressing some very important mail. I have just finished writing my blog.

Sorry for all the pictures, I just want you to get the feel that you are sitting here with us.

You can tell he thinks I'm funny and enjoys being a part of my posts.


  1. I like how there are two sets of series of threes. haha. There's going to be a whole new set of Grace and Aaron photobooth pictures. I wish the computer I had here had some way of taking pictures with the webcam. It's silly to have one and not be able to just take pictures with it. Dumb Windows.

    Oh, and I'm glad small group went well. I wish I could be there.

  2. Aaron made me take some pictures down. They were more of the same. I guess I should have given you my digital camera for picture taking. But your film will be amazing so I guess I can wait.


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