Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 weeks, plus some days (6) left!

Time is flying! I still feel like I am going to burst before the day is here when we're meeting our newest family member. I think having had Woodrow has made this pregnancy feel a million times more real and exciting. I was still in some form of denial when we were waiting to meet him. .... I love anticipating her but am so ready to see and hold her.

She doesn't have a name. That feels a little tragic, names have been so hard to narrow down. We weren't sure about Woodrow's name till the day he came but it feels  really odd this time to not even feel close to having a name and her arrival being around the corner.

Pregnancy has been a blur. A happy, heavy blur. We've stayed so busy. Haven't had time to do a lot of the things I did with Woodrow. I have a million things I've wanted to make for this little girl and I haven't done a thing because every free moment is spent soaking up alone time with Aaron or sleeping these days. No overflow of cute, handmade clothes and nursery decorations. No time. ....... Granted, I am not organized. But nesting was a fun part of the last pregnancy and this time I haven't made time for it. She's coming whether our home is decked out in cute bunting and new handmade mobiles or not.

I'm a little nervous about isolation once she comes. I'm SO excited about not working. I am done at the end of the month and can't be happier to be through with it for a while. Since Woodrow was born, I haven't given myself a chance to be undivided. Work responsibilities have hovered over my head almost every single day. I don't know why, because I don't loathe my job at all, but it has been hard to be back at knowing I would always prefer to be with our little man. ...... Anyway, I'm almost there. Giving myself atleast 2, maybe 3 months of time just with our family. Learning to care for two babies and my husband. Learning what it will take to get showers, straighten the house, and make meals.

I am so excited to be passing around a new, squishy little human to our friends and family that come to visit. One of my favorite memories was when Woodrow was new, sitting with anyone that would visit us - how proud I was, talking about life, labor, lack of sleep, new developments while he snoozed in our arms. It won't be near as quiet with a 15 month running around exploring and getting into things, and I guess that makes me a little sad but I hope to get a lot better at asking for help as we grow this next year.

A lot is upon us.

We'll be going to Florida in May for an orientation with a mission organization to explore opportunities in the Middle East. I can't wait for that, I know we'll learn a lot regardless of decisions that are made. I'm excited to have the mandatory time with Aaron, traveling together and learning as a unit. I'm not even sure if we'll be bringing the new baby yet, but Woodrow won't be coming so that will be an adventure either way.

Whatever we decide about moving forward to the Middle East, we will be making a move likely out of Asheville, mostly because we are tired of renting and not feeling settled. So obviously the answer is picking a new city and buying a house, right? :) .......... really though, lots of prayer is happening surrounding these things. Richmond, VA is high on our "likely-to-move" list.

Oh man! February can't end fast enough. March though, especially if our baby girl comes quick, March should take its time... linger a bit. April, my parents are visiting for the first time this year. They'll be around for a few weeks. ... So yeah, things are happening.

Well, that seems like all of it. I'll keep you posted!