Friday, July 15, 2011

Change and 2 Very Busy Weeks

The last couple weeks have been packed! I haven't seen a lot of friends but I've been all over the place.

Two weeks ago my Mica (my dad's mom) passed away. She was 83 and lived a full, incredible life. Growing up in a communist country, finding out that her son had left the country and moved to America, then immigrating with her husband here in 1987 and learning a new culture where they'd reside till the end of their days. My dad came to town for her last moments and I'm so glad he got to be with her. This was the most peaceful loss of my grandparents so far for me. Maybe because I'm older, maybe because the others had gone; but I think it's because I'd never been able to speak her language enough to have full conversations but I've known her since my first memories on earth and what I know of her was settled, full of faith, and full of love. Seeing her body at the viewing, I started to cry because I realized how much I'd miss her. But looking down at her, her hands folded, skin lifeless, and no more soft pinkness surrounding her smile, I realized her soul was gone to heaven. It's a simple thought, and sounds like a cheesy, contemporary/country christian song lyric....  but to have confidence that this person that I loved so much was no longer in her body, it made it easy to let her go. The first time I felt joy at a funeral. I'd love to only have to say goodbye to people that I know loved Christ.

Last week, because my dad was in town, he offered to take me with him to Florida to see my brother who's been there now for a little over 2 months. The drives were long and divided by many bathroom breaks, intense Florida heat, cable tv and internet for emailing LONG emails to Kaki in France (who is coming back early and is supposed to arrive in Atlanta today!), exercise in hotel work-out rooms, the ocean, and a warm condominium pool, good food, and great time with family.
  ....... (Sorry for the strange spacing of photos and text. I don't know how to fix it.)
Seeing my little brother was beyond exciting. I can't express how much joy I had just being in his presence. He sounds happy and encouraged. I guess I haven't seen him since the beginning of May but it feels like it's been a lot longer, he has sounded so grown up on the phone. I and my family need lots or prayer. We all have a long road ahead of us just learning how to care for each other and communicate better. I'm so proud of him but know that without Christ, nothing is possible, so pray with me that Christ is invited to transform us and the way we love and support each other.

Lots of treats. Anyone ever heard of bubble tea? Not in FL.

Hard to see, but there's a trail of lizards straight back and down the left side of this photo. They were everywhere.
   Man, the time was good! I will say the week was the most intense, emotional week I've had in a long time but I enjoyed it so much. I wish Florida wasn't so  far away.

Elliot - Morrow's babe

Charlie - Chrissy's babe.
I got to spend some time with Kate and Derek Morrow and their family. Chrissy and Kate, (twins), both have 8 month olds and they are amazing. I rarely take pictures around people I don't see often so I only stole some shots of babies in car seats. It was great to see them and be taken care of for a few short hours.

Getting back to Asheville was sweet. I absolutely missed my husband. I've never left him home before, he's always the one to travel. He did fine, better than I do. This week I spent some (too-)lengthy time at the pool with my sister -got an overdose of Vitamin D, had our Dr. appointment, had a great small group, and am halfway through a much needed productive day with Aaron. We've run around and put up some flyers, our friends the Scurvies are coming to town next week and we had lunch and are lounging doing reading at a coffee shop.

I want to make a suggestion to anyone that comes across this that they read this blog. If I could live in two places at once, currently it'd be Charlotte and Asheville just so I could attend this man's church. I have been reading his blog from the beginning posts and haven't gotten further than about 15 or so posts plus some skipping around to current posts. I wrote about the Martin Luther King message a few weeks ago and this is the pastor that I heard it from. Part of me may be slightly intrigued by his Pentecostal roots and the way he laughs at it as much as he does but he's one of those men that you know spends time in the Word and has a real heart for teaching scripture and caring for his community. If you have extra time to read any of his writings, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gender Update!

We had our big appointment this week! And the verdict is: Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Grace Buchanan are having a sweet, soft, and sure to be handsome baby boy!

It's so funny, leading up to the appointment I'd tried to prepare myself not to want a girl or a boy more than the other, and as we got closer I really didn't care. If people asked, I would tell them it felt like a boy for whatever reason. Aaron started thinking it was a boy too. I'll never know what those predictions were really based on. So we are in the room with the nurse, the lights are off, and she's scoping out our little human's body with the ultrasound machine, showing us all of their bones and organs that are visible. She took measurements and seemed in no hurry to venture down to the "nether-region" and give us a look at what I thought this whole appointment was about. As minutes rolled by I relaxed and started enjoying this almost "magic school bus" tour through my babies healthy body. We checked parts of the brain and she took snapshots of everything, she showed us the babies spine and kidneys, their feet, their hands... It was a whole human in there, even weighing only about 9oz. So when the time came, we found ourselves staring at what was obviously the pelvis and a straight-on shot of the little babies legs spread into the air. I'm not sure how quickly Aaron saw 'it' but there was no mistaking the little 'part' we were looking at. My baby is a Mr.  The nurse seemed unsure how to say it, as silly as it is, it was almost awkward because it was so visible. "Here's his little wee-wee" she said. I teared up, it was so intimate and strange. I quickly looked at Aaron to get his facial expression and he was beaming. It was so neat to see his proud face at this new information. Again I just found myself wanting to spend more time staring and scanning over our little one. There's not a good time to turn the machine off when you're seeing your child for the first or second, I imagine, millionth time if you had a chance.

I do want to say that as much as we had previously agreed we wanted a boy first, and having all the feelings I'd had, it was as shocking as it could ever be to find out. I realized at that moment that the only things I had been imagining really clothing my child in were floral prints and lacey things. I figure that's because these things can be found in my own wardrobe. Alas, I am super excited to adjust to plaids, flannels, and denim that will keep my little man warm this winter. We're gonna have a little cowboy/lumber jack!

Now my curiosity has moved on to what color hair he's going to have, if it will be curly or straight, and who's eyes/feet/hands he'll have. I hope he has Aaron's nose. I have my dad's hands and feet but my mother's skin.

Little Bue, I love learning more about you and I am not a fan of having to wait to do it but 'for you I will', as Monica put it. (My first cd single I'd ever owned.)