Friday, March 2, 2012

My World.

I'm giving up reading blogs for lent, but that doesn't count my own journaling.  Anyway, this isn't going to be lengthy. Just a few photos. I think he was 6 weeks old. I'm thinking we're going to try to get an "official" picture of Woodrow every 3 months. You can see the changes better than every month. Also, I don't know when I'll want to stop so it will save room when I make a book of his pictures when he goes to college. Haha. Just kidding.

I love lent!
I love that every year it means more to me. And I love that my husband loves the Lord and encourages me by walking with me through new scripture every year. Someday I will actually follow along every week to the extent I'd like to. Good gracious, this season is rich!

All that's happening these days is fighting to keep track of time. It's flying by. I am starting to enjoy work again now that I don't feel like my world is being dropped when Woodrow isn't in my arms. And I'm taking applications for babysitters. The kind that realize its a complete privelidge to watch my baby and won't take money. Haha. Also, babysitters that understand the importance of Aaron and I spending some quiet moments away from sweet Woodrow. (Necessary when having set a goal to put our marriage first.)

So here you go:
by Richard Israel.

My loves. My world.

Oh. My. Goodness. My heart is full.

Sailor Jude and her sweet mother Sheena.

Nothing sweeter.

This is a favorite of ours.

Aaron asked for a family photo by the tree. I love that we are almost guaranteed to look awkward. Really, I like that about us.

He's not this small anymore! More like twice this size.