Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday! Bloody Sunday.

Thankful! Thankful am I. The past week was beautiful. Light on work but full of friends and food and nature.

 The bowling action shots were all blurry but appropriate for our friend Jeff. He has some serious bowling moves and it'd take quite the camera to keep up.

 Best friends Class of 2002.

Wednesday went bowling with a great friend, Jeffery 'Squirrel' (Earl) Watson. We went walking downtown, and just because, Aaron and Jeff took me to get my favorite lavender creme brulee from the Chocolate Lounge.

Thursday we all went hiking/swimming with our friends Jon and Chelsea Atkinson.

Yesterday Aaron and I hiked about 4 miles atleast through some of Dupont Forrest and about halfway through it started pouring rain. It was such a gift. I love having reasons to get soaked in rain on a warm day. I didn't take any pictures yesterday, I guess I'm glad cause the camera may not have made it through the rain. But there were 4 large waterfalls and a gorgeous lake, a few sweet bridges. Living in the mountains of NC is such a gift. I'd love to live somewhere else for a season but this place is packed full of beauty.

I've been eating tons of fruit. This is notable because I don't usually let myself spend much but have decided eating mostly organic produce is going to reward me. And I took a picture. HAha. Kiwis are supposed to be one of the most nutrient packed fruits, and I learned that I should be scraping the fuzz off and eating the skin. It's like eating a thick globe grape skin.

Cravings have been high for everything Cracker Barrel so we made a weeks worth of casseroles and cornbread muffins. Wednesday's 'broccoli cheddar chicken' and hashbrown casserole. Mmmm. I think we made too much cause I'm not really going to want to eat it all week but that's the way I seem to fulfill my cravings, I overdo them so I am forced to crave something new. Tacos and mexican food are the only things that I can't seem to get enough of.

So, it's Sunday. We don't plan on cooking anything or exerting ourselves. Relaxing, more crackerbarrel, church, and a dollar movie are likely in the midst. We'll be inviting whoever is interested in coming home and helping us eat our casseroles.

I'm thankful for sweet moments with friends, even sweeter moments falling in love with my husband this week, simplicity, creation, and God's provision.


  1. Yay! Looks like so much fun. I've heard there's bowling here, somewhere, but not many people like to go, I guess.

    What camera is this, by the way? I like your pictures.

    I'm glad you made cracker barrel instead of going. I bet it's so much better in its own way.

    There are 6 new baby chickens, they were all born yesterday or this morning. I couldn't take a picture though cause they're in the incubator. No wet baby chicken pictures..

  2. I call these photos 'my homemade iphone shots'. Its just silly effects. Summer is in full effect Kaki dearest! Not always enjoying the heat though. I wish I could see the wet baby chickens!

  3. aw, how fun! i wish tim & i could just pop in and go for a hike and swim with you guys. it looks so magical. you're SO lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

    and kylie told me all about the chocolate cafe! maybe someday i'll be lucky enough to try it for myself.

  4. sounds like a fabulous week! nice to meet you.

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  5. Your comments about my comments are funny. I was going to take a wet baby chicken picture, but there weren't anymore born and I kept thinking there would be one, but it didn't happen. If it's not rainy this afternoon, I'm going to get a picture of the lamb that was born last week.

    I'm off to Paris (just for a couple hours) tomorrow, then I see Bethany!

  6. Can we go swimming the day I get back home? I haven't been at all, really, since I got here.


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